SWR municipal utility Ratingen

Positioning, Claim, Brand Experience

Real. Good. Life.

Stadtwerke Ratingen is a modern full-service company in the energy sector. In addition to supplying Ratingen’s households and businesses with electricity, natural gas, drinking water and district heating, they are also a strong investor in and for the city.


Strategic positioning and development of a corporate claim. Concept, creation and name development for the new customer center as well as development of various elements in the area of brand experience such as the “SWR Wunderhaus”.


Take a stand! We want to express the added value of Stadtwerke Ratingen clearly and authoritatively. In doing so, the claim expresses a high degree of authenticity and commitment, while at the same time appealing to a very heterogeneous target group and offering high long-term capabilities.


Stadtwerke Ratingen is the partner for quality of life in Ratingen in the subject areas of energy, digitalization and recreation - and yet they are not a generalist. The new claim expresses the brand values developed according to the BIOCODEC® method in three words and double meanings. Real: High commitment, authenticity, non-synthetic, approaching things with sense and understanding, products and services for real life under real demands. Good: Know what you are doing and create satisfaction, no measurability, the right thing, genuinely good. Life: Life implies health, intact nature, work, a roof over one's head - but also conveys quality of life in terms of reliable electricity, running water, etc. It also associates "the good life".

Heimat.Kontor (Home.Office)

Naming and activation customer center

Stadtwerke Ratingen is coming to town with a customer center that has increasingly become an experience center in the development and realization process. Here you can find out about products and services and take advantage of consulting services. In addition, the local area also serves for events around the topics of energy, communication and mobility. We were allowed to support the municipal utility Ratingen in an advisory capacity during the conception and realization and created the name "Heimat.Kontor" in the course of this.
As self-explanatory and simple as it is good. At home, people meet each other, feel comfortable and at the same time connected with the people who stay here. You just come from here. At home, SWR and KomMITT reach out to the customer, locate themselves in the cityscape of daily use, and can make their role as an integral and innovative part of the region tangible with great symbolic impact.

Precisely and bindingly, SWR Heimat.Kontor provides the local framework for the local engagement of both companies. Depending on the communicative orientation, the designation holds something tangible and at the same time leaves enough room for creative newness. Here, innovations can be communicated close to customers everywhere. The traditional charm of the concept gives the impression of the familiar, but visibly radiates more future than historical throwback thanks to the modern interior design and digital touchpoints. The term Kontor thereby understandably resolves the shopfitting concept.

The wonder house

What if the products and services of Stadtwerke Ratingen were self-explanatory? What if we opened the door and invited customers and interested parties in to explore our services for themselves? What if the selection of heating technology could be completed playfully at the push of a button? That would be pretty good! That's what we thought when we designed the Wunderhaus for Stadtwerke Ratingen. A house in which seemingly everything is possible, or at least made possible by Stadtwerke Ratingen. For the Heimat.Kontor customer center, we developed the Wunderhaus together with our partner agency CARL von CHIARI. As an application for a smart touch display. Using guided gesture control, the viewer can walk through the house and view information on the main topics of gas, electricity, Internet and mobility, actively intervening in the selection and use of different technologies.