Putting ideas into the world is easy, but putting them into practice is a herculean task. Persistence, endurance and the right team make all the difference.

From the beginning, we wanted to do more than create - we wanted to actively shape our world. Studying communication design and marketing not only in theory, but also living and experiencing it on the job. With the highest standards for ourselves and our team. For customers who value our work and companies who want to be better than others.

If you feel as comfortable in this way of thinking and acting as we do, then we should get to know each other. Via Teams Videocall or in person in our office in Essen.

Our counterpart is important to us. Language too. To keep this as simple as possible, we want to formulate our texts as gender-neutral as possible. Our words are always directed at people, regardless of gender and origin.

Show us your edges!

We are looking for people with a passion for good communication. People with curiosity and creative spirit. People who want to achieve excellence. People with the motivation to make things better. People who really care about aesthetics and meaningfulness. A person maybe just like you!

Our soft side.

New Work is nothing new to us, as home office, flexible working hours and personal development have been commonplace since the company was founded in 2006. Of course, we don't serve you all this on a silver platter. Let's talk about your requirements and our challenges - together we will develop the right model.

These options are currently available:


"Skill leads to success. And team spirit to fulfillment."

Thomas M. Chiari