Compleo Charging Solutions

Positioning, Brand & Corporate Design

The Power to move

Compleo is a technology company based out of Dortmund, Germany, which operates internationally and is a leader in the field of charging infrastructure hardware and software for electromobility. Compleo provides new impulses; the company researches and develops to push the boundaries of what is technically possible. At the end of 2021, we repositioned the brand according to BIOCODEC® and a hedonistic positioning was elaborated. On this basis, we relaunched the logo, developed the new liquid corporate design and designed and implemented the website. And all that with a bright smile in our faces . We simply let ourselves be carried away by the "Happy Sign", the smiling figurative mark.

Corporate Design

In addition to the brand design, we developed an extensive liquid corporate design. The corporate design was conceived digitally first, which means that every design element, whether typography, color, or graphic element, was created for a web-optimized presentation and then tested for print suitability. Only when an element has passed in both application worlds, it was included in the corporate design.


The Compleo color scheme draws from nature’s color box, is natural, vibrant, unique and thereby underscores Compleo’s vision.

Image world

In the image concept, we focus on the moment of life and not the loading itself. This approach is special in the competitive environment, since almost all other providers usually show a person with a charging cable in his hand. But that is ultimately not what loading is about at all. From our point of view, the staging of the loading process should only be a minor issue. In this way, the added value that is relevant for us humans can take center stage. The gain of time that I can use for my life. For meetings, for shopping, for hobbies and of course for my family.

Illustrations and use cases

Making complex things simple is always difficult in the first place. Looking at Compleo's various technologies, hardware and software solutions, it quickly became clear that in order to really get to the bottom of the issues, we needed a very modular information graphics style that would map today well and, most importantly, allow for tomorrow. Because one thing is clear: If the application of technology is becoming increasingly simple for us consumers, it is becoming increasingly complex at the heart of the technology. Feel free to see for yourself and check out our work on Compleo's technology visualizations in addition to this project. Cleverly, all you have to do is click the following button.

Website and concept

The website is fully responsive TYPO3 instance developed by our brother agency CARL von CHIARI. The set-up of provided content modules allows editors a balanced play of clear structures and creative freedom – for the optimal presentation of content and a constant homogeneous user guidance within the framework of a homogeneous brand presence.