Porcelain Manufactory Fürstenberg

Product launch »DATUM«

Table culture becomes table architecture

The crowned blue “F” – the trademark of the Fürstenberg porcelain manufactory – stands internationally for sophisticated porcelain art made in Germany. It stands for porcelain that reflects the spirit of the times, the attitude to life and the aesthetics as well as the craftsmanship and technical possibilities of its time of origin. With DATUM, Porzellan Fürstenberg, in collaboration with the world-renowned designers of Foster + Partners, creates a step into the present, in order to set out from here into the future.


Conception and creation of all communication measures for the product launch of the new tableware series DATUM, a design by Foster + Partners, London.


The DNA of DATUM contains many features from architecture: mathematical logic, clarity, stability, functionality and flexibility. We set the scene for the individual pieces of tableware in the same way as the building structure and turn table culture into table architecture.


We tell the story of DATUM’s design and manufacturing process with a scrollytelling website. Here, the website also serves as a content hub. Based on the developed elements such as images, illustrations, animations, texts and videos, all media can be used. This results in digital brochures, newsletters, trade fair communication and ad formats for print and social media.

Scrollytelling website

The story a product tells is now just as important as the product itself. This is particularly true for high-priced products. I can drink from a €2 cup just like I can drink from a €100 cup - the difference is the feel, the build quality, but most of all the brand, the design and the story behind it.
The new DATUM tableware series successfully bridges the gap between the design and architectural expertise of Foster + Partners, one of the world's most successful architectural firms, and the masterful craftsmanship of Porzellanmanufaktur Fürstenberg GmbH, which celebrates its 175th anniversary this year.
The scrollytelling website we developed and implemented invites the viewer to experience the DATUM tableware series, the individual products and functions as well as the people and the immense effort that goes into the finished product for themselves through entertaining texts, illustrations, animations, photographs and videos. In this way, a porcelain cup that sits on the table becomes a product with a fascinating story that you will be proud to tell your guests over a good cup of tea or coffee.
The inspiring communication between the confident porcelain manufacturer from Fürstenberg, the detail-obsessed product designers from London and our two closely cooperating design and development teams from CHIARI and CARL by CHIARI has led to a result that everyone involved is proud of.