NEW Niederrhein Energie und Wasser

Blue Forge

Blue Forge

Let’s not kid ourselves – we are in the middle of the energy transition: From now on, we have to deal with the subject of energy in a more economical, safety-conscious and environmentally conscious way than we do today.

A huge, cross-generational, societal task. Worldwide! As a country of developers and engineers, researchers and inventors, Germany can make a decisive contribution to achieving this goal. But we must manage to turn ideas and research results into products and services that meet the needs of people and the environment. To do this, we need to pave the way for young people with promising ideas and visions to become self-employed and entrepreneurs – and that is precisely the basic idea behind the start-up project that our customer NEW has lifted out of the eaves. Six fully equipped offices and a lavish start-up package provide the breeding ground for energy companies of the future. Located in the Blauhaus in Mönchengladbach, the BLAUSCHMIEDE was born.

Corporate Design

We not only developed the name and the logo, but were also commissioned with the corporate design and the online and offline marketing campaign.



In addition, an energy laboratory has also been set up in the Blauhaus – in line with the of the future orientation – which offers pupils and other interested parties workshops and seminars on the subject of energy and energy futures. The name as well as the logo of "INNOVATORIUM" are also from our agency.