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Technology- and product films

Show what lies behind

Compleo is a technology innovator in the field of electromobility. In order to show customers and end users the complex technological interrelationships in a comprehensible way and to illustrate the component diversity of the hardware products, Compleo relies on technology and product films thatmake the seemingly complicated visually quite simple to understand .


Development, conception, design and realization of technology and product films for use at trade fairs, the website and platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn and social media.


As part of the corporate design development, clear aesthetic and structural specifications were already defined for information graphics and product visualizations. On this basis, we created the Compleo City, a virtual landscape in which all use cases and product applications can be represented. In addition to Compleo City, we also developed a virtual space, the Compleo Showroom, in which the hardware products are presented.


The Compleo City as well as the Compleo Showroom transform the brand design elements into a world of experience in which technologies and hardware are presented in a simple and easily understandable way for the viewer. In close cooperation with our client, the interdisciplinary team realized a variety of mature moving image content based on detailed storyboards, which can be recycled and continued multiple times for different use cases.

Technologies – complex things simply explained

Load management? Power Rail Technology? Compleo's technology videos provide answers to typical industry questions and get to the heart of the matter with easy-to-understand images and wording.

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Products – Yes to aesthetics

Yes, we can get excited about big gray boxes. Yes, we think it's not just reserved for a smartwatch to look really good online. Yes, we love the definition of light, text and movement down to the smallest detail. And yes, we have a soft spot for really good camera work.

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