Packaging design

Brand perception at eye level

Following the brand repositioning, Botament was faced with the challenge of adapting the new corporate design to the diverse product range.

The aim was to make the new claim “With confidence” tangible through the newly developed packaging design and to make Botament products easy to find and understand on the high shelf.

Our craft

Development of a new packaging design that meets the needs of various international target groups, ranging from professional tradesmen and retailers, architects and planners to private and public building owners.



Icon design

The new icon system allows as much information as possible to be elements in a language-neutral manner.

Our formula for success

The new packaging Design will be available for all Products implemented and ensures internationally consistent Brand perception in trade and on the Construction site. In order for this to succeed, it was necessary to proceed very systematically during the design development right from the start and to develop a set of formulas for all elements. We love mathematics!

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