BEW Bergische Energie und Wasser

Sales campaign

"KLIK" loyalty program

Due to the current electricity and gas price situation, BEW would like to encourage customers to save energy.

Prices for electricity and gas are rising inexorably and pose a real threat to private households, commercial enterprises and companies.

BEW developed its KLIK loyalty program as early as 2020. Klik protects the climate and the account and motivates with different bonus options. The customer receives natural electricity and natural gas from a single source.


Development of a communication concept for the introduction of the new tariff generation and a loyalty program.


BEW stands for a high regional commitment. The new generation of tariffs and the loyalty program were developed by BEW employees, and it is precisely these men of action that the campaign showcases.


In cooperation with an illustrator we realized our concept “KLIK-Macher”. The visuals show KLIK visualized as a onomatopoeia in the forms of electricity and gas. For the promotion of the tariff we realized various communication mechanics on- and offline. The campaign has been running since 2021, was adapted by the municipalities in 2022 and transferred to city communication region-wide.

And it makes KLIK – with the 
informative moving image content

In order to convey the advantages of the KLIK tariff generation in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way, we developed a product video that, among other things, welcomes the viewer to the landing page.

If you say electricity, you also have to say gas. In this case, with the second KLIK motif for the new gas tariff, which is also part of the loyalty program. With the KLIK gas tariff, a dashboard on the different consumptions was also implemented on the landing page, which documents the state of affairs in the region on a daily basis.

You can save yourself the trouble – with the 
KLIK Energy Saving Book

We all know that saving energy is actually very simple. It’s only when it comes to putting it into practice that things often still go wrong. In addition to ventilation, heating and defrosting of large kitchen appliances, the energy-saving book contains lots of tips for everyday use on how everyone can influence their energy consumption without having to limit themselves too much.