Valuniq AG

Positioning, brand and corporate design

Wealth accumulation for private individuals. Growth and liquidity optimization for companies.

With the brand relaunch for the Bavarian financial services provider Valuniq, we realized an idea that hits the mark without any rough edges.


As part of the repositioning of the former “Innovative Finanzberatung 2005 AG”, development of a brand and corporate design for Valuniq AG, one of Germany’s largest and independent providers of holistic, sustainable and customized financial services.


Life is a dynamic up and down. The financial market is also in constant motion. Its heartbeat drives the world shaped by capital, with money and information flows determining our lives. Wealth changes from physical form to digital presence. It is precisely this dynamic and interaction that we summarize in the figurative mark we have developed – the “Financial Cloud”.


With the limbic positioning as a performer brand, certain parameters were clearly set from neurodesign aspects right from the start. At the same time, there was enough leeway to convince the board of directors of a bold idea. Starting with the unusual brand color purple and ending with a dynamic, aerosolized figurative mark, Valuniq’s brand design incorporates everything that makes a brand image eye-catching and long-lasting. The company’s claim to have a complete overview of markets, offerings and solutions is represented in an outstanding way by the figurative mark and the brand symbol, the Financial Cloud.



Life is an enterprise and entrepreneurs fill their vocation with life. Everything is interrelated and connected in profile – for private customers this means: a family is a business, I as an individual am a business. Translated for entrepreneurs: You enrich your life with your entrepreneurship and dedicate your life to your business. Valuniq looks at this big picture and sums it up in its claim “Enterprise Life”.

Company Life


The corporate design was developed online first and realized for the first time with the group's website. The site supports Valuniq's brand message with a strong visual concept and transfers the Financial Cloud brand symbol to the visual language. Seeing the big picture and getting an overview is best done from a bird's eye view. The view through the cloud fields additionally clarifies the viewing height.