SB Software Broker

Corporate Design and Sales Communication

Used software is a matter of trust

For our client Software Broker, we gave the existing corporate design a gentle evolution. SB Software-Broker GmbH specializes in buying and selling used license software from manufacturers such as Microsoft or Oracle. Used software is always a matter of trust. It was therefore all the more important in this project to transfer the previous brand awareness to the new brand image by means of a careful intervention and to make it usable in the sales campaign.


Positioning, relaunch of corporate design and conception and realization of on- and offline sales communication campaigns.


Used software is a matter of trust, so we carried out an evolution in the brand image. We transport the brand value into an optimized and cross-application design and visual language.


The existing brand awareness can develop optimally with the new appearance and offers a homogeneous set-up for on- and offline measures.

Direct mail with a personal touch

We have done it again! We addressed a thoroughly digitized industry in a completely analog way, by letter, handwritten with fountain pen in ink blue. With the handwritten letter, Software Broker sends its IT purchasing contacts genuine appreciation and expresses the brand value of trust both haptically and visually.

Where appropriate, we had a very small bit of AI support in the process. We believe in miracles, robotics and KPIs 🙂

Opening rate 99%
Response Rate +125%

Landing page

The landing page is the centerpiece of the Office campaign “Don’t spend your IT budget on Office!” The advantages of used Microsoft Office licenses are presented here in the form of quick infos and benefit communications. At the end of the page, there is a whitepaper tunnel which, after a confirmed address query, provides further and exclusive industry know-how on the purchase and sale of used software licenses for download.