MGR Integration Solutions GmbH

Brand and corporate design

All respect!

We would like to congratulate our customer MGR Integration Solutions GmbH on its 20th anniversary. Unbelievable how time flies. We developed the first corporate design together 20 years ago.

Now the identity of MGR also celebrates its 20th anniversary. Therefore, it was time to review and weigh up what was already in place and also to visually pave the way for the future.


Relaunch of the brand and corporate design. The logo was developed in 2002 and is to be brought into the present while making it fit for the future.


The structures and fields of activity of MGR have been modeled and expanded in recent years. At its core, MGR still stands for “Integration Solutions”.

Good design helps brands move through a world of change. With a consistent brand presence, a clear attitude can be communicated in any place, on any device. Design allows the brand identity to be visible and experienced in applications. For the relaunch, we therefore opted for an evolution instead of a revolution.


The newly designed logo, consisting of the Trinity figurative mark and the three letters MGR, transfers the brand identity that has grown over 20 years into the present. The color spectrum is extensive and, untypically for the industry, very earthy. The structural elements developed, such as the Level Lines and the Level Surfaces, create the basis for a consistent and detailed design.