Greif Hollander Group

Naming, brand and corporate design

The foundation of the brand

The home of the Greif Hollander Group is in the heart of East Westphalia. A region that, in contrast to the German metropolises, stands for down-to-earthiness, reliability and calmness. But also for great economic power.

The Greif Hollander Group is active in the field of real estate and construction and lays the foundation for living space in its home region. This is anchored in the corporate design of the Greif Hollander Group.

The brand image reflects the company’s close ties to its home region: the figurative mark is designed in the form of a coat of arms and includes the heraldic animals of Paderborn (hare) and Westphalia (horse). Both cite the founding families Greif and Hollander, who have deep roots there.