Final Report "We connect Europe"

We connect Europe

fast-E is a European Union infrastructure project with the goal of installing 300 fast chargers at European hubs within 3 years.


Concept, design and realization of the final report for the European study project fast-E on the electro mobile charging infrastructure. The additional task: The correct interpretation of study results and translation into information graphics understandable for the general public.


With this truly mammoth project, participating companies such as Allego, BMW, Nissan, Renault and VW are making electromobility history. The outstanding achievement is paid homage to in the form of a book that, with good design and interesting information graphics, takes away the sobriety of the number-driven study results and instead gives them a visual identity.


A report with two volumes forms the documentary home of the almost-E study results. Volume One received a hardcover with a haptically appealing cover made of open-pored recycled cardboard, bookmarks for orientation and pages of well-designed information graphics. Volume Two added more content and tables, tables, tables.