EMERGY Management and Service Company Ltd.

Naming, brand and corporate design

One plus one equals three

The cities of Borken and Coesfeld will establish a new company in January 2018: In the future, Wirtschaftsbetriebe der Stadt Coesfeld GmbH and Stadtwerke Borken/Westfalen GmbH will bundle all management and service tasks in “EMERGY”.


Stadtwerke Borken/Westfalen GmbH and Stadtwerke Coesfeld have had a joint managing director since February 2016. In order to use resulting synergies for closer cooperation, the cities founded a new company. CHIARI was commissioned with the development of the name as well as the creation of a corporate design for the newly founded company.


The energy fusion: The neologism “EMERGY” has its origin in energy. The regional roots are expressed by the M, for Münsterland, and are thus also reminiscent of the word “emerge”. At the same time, EMERGY stands for the merger and amalgamation of the two municipal utilities in various business areas.


“Energy”, “Merge” and “Synergy” become “EMERGY”. The newly created word-picture mark picks up the idea of synergy and expresses it in an individual visual form. In addition to the creation of the name, CHIARI developed the company logo, the complete corporate design including business papers and various communication media and regulated and documented them in a corporate design manual.